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Hiking tour

Day 1. After reaching the airport "Manas" in Kyrgyzstan  will be transferred to the city of Bishkek the capital of Kyrgyzstan. Then you will have dinner after their stay at the hotel. A dinner and overnight of  tour  at the hotel.
Day 2. In the morning transfer and travel to Kochkor in Kyrgyzstan, visit a carpet workshop feeling. A trekking tour  around Kochkorka. A dinner and overnight is in tents.
Days 3-5. Aimed trekking tour and tarvel -Kul Lake. At noon there will be a dinner of  tour. Koyar village ten miles distance from Kochkorka travels uphill walking tour  in the river. A dinner and overnight is in tents. 5-6 hours, moving every day, crossing two passes: 3260 m. and 5-days of 3700 m. Evening-in 5 days you reach the bar of the lakes Show-Kul.
Day 6. We will live in the lake coast-Kul Show bar in yurtas during  tour. At noon there will be a dinner.
Day 7. In the morning you will have breakfast. We - Show a lake trekking tour  round bar-Kul. A dinner and overnight of  tour is in tents.
Day 8. In the morning you will have breakfast. Pass and travel in Bishkek. At noon there will be a dinner. A dinner and overnight of  tour  at the hotel.
Day 9. Depending on time of your original data will meet your tour  guide at the hotel and will visit you at the airport.

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Kyrgyzstan is the owner of huge water resources - 28000 rivers and the sources, which extent on the average 10 km. There are also such rivers abounding in water as Naryn. The general extent of Naryn makes 500 km. More than 2000 artificial water basins and lakes. Lakes of Kyrgyzstan in the majority are the closed high-mountainous lakes (90 %). So for example, the lake Sary-Chelek settles down at height of 1874 m. above sea level and is biospheric reserve. "Pearl" of Kyrgyzstan - the lake Issyk Kul is located in Tjan-Shansky mountains, at height of 1606 m. above sea level. Lake improbably beautiful. The big transparency and the bright sun change colour of water of Issyk Kul from is gentle-blue to dark blue tones. During winter time temperature of water +4,2 °, +5,0 °. In July and August the top sheets of water heat up to +18 °, +24 °.