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Kazakhstan trekking

Trekking Kazakhstan: Tour 01
Destination: Kazakhstan
Activities: Trekking Tour
Duration: 10 days
Day 1. You will arrive at the airport, where your guide will meet you. You will be accompanied in Almaty city. Then you will have breakfast and rest. City tour, including visits to the State Historical Museum. Dinner and overnight in hotel.
Day 2. Day begins with a morning of strengthening. Trekking tours in Kolsai Lake (30 km). Enjoy delicious dinner and sleep in a tent in Kolsai Lake (2100 m).
Day 3. The day starts with Lake Kolsai trekking tours. Breakfast, 4-6 hours trekking tour along the river valley Kolsai 1 to 2-nd Kolsai Lake (2500 m). Then we will continue our trekking tour. Night in tents on the shore of the lake.
Day 4. The day begins with trekking tours around the lake Kolsai. You will have 3-6 hours of trekking tours in the river valley Kolsai Kolsai Lake 3 (2900), hot breakfast, box lunch on route. Dinner and night in tents.
Day 5. This day you will be trekking tour from the 3-Kolsai Lake, ride needed to pass-Bulak Mountain (3273m), lunch boxes, hot dinner. Then trekking tour will be next. Overnight is in tents on the slope.
Day 6. Day begins with a morning of strengthening. Then you will have 3 hours trekking tour route, box lunch, tour coach Bostyri resort, hotel accommodation on the shore of Lake Issyk-Kul alpine (1770 m).
Day 7. The day begins with morning trekking tour is. Time for fun on the lake, 3 meals a day.
Day 8. This day you will Charyn Canyon trekking tours through the mountain pass Santa. Dinner and overnight in tents on the bank of the river Charyn.
Day 9. Day begins with a morning of strengthening. Then you have trekking tours in the Charyn canyon, lunch - box, coach trip to Almaty (200 km). Dinner and overnight in hotel.
Day 10. This day you will be optional excursions (shopping, sauna, national instruments museum, national instruments concert, bazaar) gala dinner. You're getting back from your tour guide at the Airport. 


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Horse riding and biking in Kazakhstan

Biking and horse riding in Kazakhstan

Trekking and hiking in Kazakhstan

Horse riding and hiking in Kazakhstan

Biking and hiking in Kazakhstan


Prospects for development of tourism in modern Kazakhstan.
The word «tourist» appeared in English in the beginning of the XIX century and translated to English means: one who travels for pleasure or expansion of cultural horizons. By definition, the UN "tourist" - a person residing in the locality for a period of more than one night, less than a year.
Tourism - a relatively new phenomenon that has, however, roots, stretching far into the past. History of Tourism - Tourism is a temporary periods, pursuing the selection of internally homogeneous phases in its development .
With this concept we encounter almost every day. This may be a message from the advertisements on radio, television, Internet conversations of others, who visited in any round, the view from the streets of the tourist office of the firm, on the front door is always possible to see the announcement of the "burning" tours. Each of us is a tourism as an industry, more or less known, as we all went away and spent holidays away from home.

International tourism is now one of the fastest growing industries in foreign economic activity. The steady growth of tourism as an influence on the world economy as a whole, and on the economies of individual countries and regions is one of the most significant, permanent and long-term trends, which is accompanied by the formation and development of world economy. It becomes apparent transformation of tourism into a major independent branch of the national economy, which seeks to meet the specific needs of the population. The variety of these needs met, not only tourism businesses but also companies in other industries, which makes the value of tourism as one of the factors of the multiplicative effect on the economy. Tourism is one of the factors of world integration processes, and tourist business is now becoming a significant sector of the economy.