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Kyrgyz nation

The Kyrgyz were the last Turkish nation, which prevailed in Mongolia: Mongolia after their defeat he became an ethnographic character, which it has retained ever since. Made Uighurs proposition shows that the whale was not a conscious desire to oust the Turks from Mongolia, and to give their land to their relatives - the Mongols, but after the failure of another Uighur Turkish people, who could live in Mongolia, there was no more, and the Turks took advantage of the absence of the Mongolian people origin. It is very probable that the Mongols were the eastern neighbors of the Kirghiz, the people of fury (or smoke) to this point the words of the manuscript Tumanskiy that the language of "Fury" was not clear to others the Kirghiz. Some information about the peoples who spoke no Turkish, said Mahmud of Kashgar and, unfortunately, this information is not completely distinct, and signs of personal acquaintance with the countries of the remote north-east they are not noticeable. Mahmud Kashgar fair classifies the Kyrgyz to peoples who spoke on a purely Turkish dialects, but puts them in the extreme north-east; non-Turkish peoples, Kaya, and Tatars, lived, according to him, to the west, at the same time, however, says that the Tartars lived Utugen in the area, called a mountain chain, is constantly mentioned in the Orkhon inscriptions (inscriptions on the proposal of the author, it was a real homeland of the Turks) and, apparently corresponding to the Han River.


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