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Altyn Arashan gorge

Taking Kyrgyzstan tours it is required to visit Altyn Arashan gorge. In 10km of the town Karakol the gorge which can astonish every wanderer is located. As we can see Karakol is a city replete with peculiar and significant sites. The gorge is followed by the village Ak-Suu, the local name of Teploklyuchenka. There are opportunities to travel along the forest full of herbs, flowers and emerald-green grass. Moreover, there are animals which can be seen in a tour - mountain goats, deer, bears, wild boars and marmots.

The name of the gorge, rather famous in Kyrgyzstan, is translated as "Golden Spa". The reason is seen in the existence of hot springs extremely good for health as waters contain radon. Kyrgyzstan tours show up the great and striking chance to get involved in the atmosphere of pristine nature, so do not lose your chance!