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Antiquity of Tien Shan Mountains in the state of the Kyrgyz

The antiquity of Tien Shan Mountains in the state of the Kyrgyz is known to be of great interest for the locals as well for the foreigners coming to see this amazing country. At the same time having the excursion here, on behalf of our company, mountains are going to be seen with greater attention. It offers the opportunity to communicate with the local people, always ready to answer your questions.

The Tien Shan mountains have notes about for many centuries, and the mountains of Kyrgyzstan always undergo the idea of great importance for the local people as there were many scientists investigating them. That is why before the tour on cars rented taken, we offer the reading of the article created for seeing the essence of the works, made by the wanderers and scientific investigators. At the same time there are lots of the legends, telling about facts of the mountains, their way of creation as well as about the explorers. For example, in the 19th century the explorer Pyotr Semyonov started to be the trusted investigator, as he made many of researches of the mountains. Due to it he was given the title Tienshansky, starting to be the part of his name actually.

We are glad to organize the tour, help in car renting for you to travel in Kyrgyzstan and feel historical ideas. For the ranges of the heights, they were seen by the Buddhist monk Hsuan Tsang in the 7th century, when he told of them being just the heights of snow and ice. And actually at great heights it is impossible to travel. At the same time in 1273 Marco Polo was here at altitudes making his own investigations.