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Evolution of antiquity Manas complex

As you will be able to explore in tours of Kyrgyzstan that the country is very rich and interesting, and in terms of culture and history. In it, you will be able to visit a very important object, the Manas complex, on tours. It is located 22 km from Talas and you can find it in tours of Kyrgyzstan in Tash-Aryk. Car rental will be a great solution for you to enjoy your trip and see all the natural and historical sights.

While exploring Kyrgyzstan on tours, you will be able to enjoy that it is also called "Manas-Ordo", and you will be able to explore that its territory is estimated at approximately 2.25 km2. During the tours, guests of Kyrgyzstan will be able to walk around the complex and also explore its territory, for example, because it was named after the hero of Manas. You will be able to rent a car for tours around Kyrgyzstan, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and also learn that gumbez was installed for other heroes of the country.

Definitely your trip to Kyrgyzstan will be grandiose and you will be able to enjoy the history of the complex and find out that it was established in 1334. And there is also a legend that says that there was a daughter of the Emir Abuki who was buried in this place. And so that people could protect the complex, the ancient stone warriors of the balbals were installed here.