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Holidays of Kyrgyzstan

Our clients on a tour of Kyrgyzstan will be able to explore the country's holidays, rent a car and also enjoy the fascinating sights. You will also be able to explore the official holidays on a tour of Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan celebrates such holidays January 1 - New Year, January 7 - Orthodox Christmas, February 23 - Defenders of Fatherland Day, March 8 - International Women's Day, March 21 - National Holiday Nooruz, April 7 - April Revolution Day, May 1 - Labor Day, May 5 - Constitution Day, May 9 - Victory Day, August 31 - Independence Day, November 7 - Day of History and Memory, Orozo Eid, Kurban Eid.

Traveling around Kyrgyzstan, you will be able to explore that the holidays are celebrated on weekends. You can also go to any region of the country and see that the local population also holds Muslim holidays. These holidays are usually celebrated according to the lunar calendar.

In our tour of Kyrgyzstan, you will be able to explore the holidays that are indicated in different periods of the country's existence, which include international, Soviet, and National holidays. If you want for comfort you can rent a car. Independence Day in Kyrgyzstan is celebrated on August 31, but the traditional holiday of Nooruz is on March 21. On Nooruz, people usually prepare sumelek from wheat malt. Also, most of the holidays are held with the burning of juniper.