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Horse games and other national games

Making a route along the territories of the country, especially in the mountains it seems to be easy to meet nomads still living there and doing horse games and other national games. For us it is a great pleasure to tell more about the history of it and pay our greatest attention to the animals greatly involved in these kinds of games. Horses are the animals of endurance strength and power. In a tour in Kyrgyzstan invitees will be able to see that horses are required to have no fear and that they must obey.

As for the games which may be watched as boarders travel in the country: kok-boru is based on throwing of a dead goat in the goals of the other team, teams consist of 8 people. Here it is possible to notice obedience and power of a horse and skills of a rider. Then goes close game Erenish. It is based on making the opponent to fall from the horse. Kyz-Kuumai is more a wedding custom than the horse game as it is seen to take an important part in the wedding routine. For the duration of Kyrgyzstan tours visitors can see that the groom must catch the bride but she is given a stronger horse and starts earlier than him. After that he must catch and marry her. The other popular game is alysh, it resembles wrestling. The game toguz korgool is popular among the war-like people in the periods of peace. Anyway Kyrgyzstan tours will be fulfilled with great emotions and our team has prepared a lot of surprises for our dearest guests.