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Kyrgyz History

Introduction. Our team is glad to introduce you the country, but first it is necessary to acknowledge some facts of the history of Kyrgyzstan and for this purpose we give the following introduction. The country is known to be the home of the nomads. They were living in the mountains going from one pasture to the other. It can be described by the wish not to spoil pristine nature of the country. For visitants to be well-acquainted with the country, the following periods of the development of the state are recommended for reading:

Prehistory (1 million years ago - 1 000 BC).  Basically the Kyrgyz people are considered to bear the history of 2000 years, but the history of the country started  1 million years ago till 1 000 BC. It was the time of the first emergence and in the result it is a very bright period. It is great if guests can travel to Cholpon Ata, Rock Art Gallery. Here there are a lot of petroglyphs, images and testimonies of those times.

Ancient History (1 000 BC - 300 AD). The period of 1 000 BC - 300 AD is named as ancient history, it is the time of the emergence of the people in the written testimonies. In 201BC the first mentioning was in the Chinese Chronicles by Sima Tan. They were said to be the tribe which makes war with the Hunnu. Then in the other chronicles by Ban Gu the Kyrgyz are explained to live at the territory of modern territories of Eastern Turkestan.

Turkic Era (500-1200). All while Kyrgyzstan tours invitees will get to know the Turkic Era, of 500-1200. It is the time when the people were running from the mountains of Altai in the 6th-13th centuries. All at once the Kyrgyz Kaganate is said to emerge in the 7th century. Then in the 9-10th centuries there was building of the great empire, with territories of Irtysh River in the west to the Big Khingan range in the east, from the Angara and Selenga Rivers in the north to the Gobi Desert in the south.

The Mongol Rule (1200-1400). The period of 1200-1400 is the time of the Mongol Rule. People were suffering from conquers of Genghis Khan. The invasion of Mongols led to joining to him in 1207. What is more , in 12-15th centuries the people started to belong to the religion Islam going from shamanistic points of view.

Kyrgyz consolidation (1400-1800). Kyrgyz consolidation is the period of 1400-1800 when started from 15th century the citizens were moving to the modern state from Siberia. It was the time when people didn't have the only leader, it was suggested to create but failed, in the result appeared tribal system. It was one of the succeeded ways of unity of the country.

Russian Colonization (1770-1917).  As Kyrgyzstan tours are developing, we are glad to introduce the period of Russian Colonization of 1770-1917.  This period is identified by joining of the country to Russian Empire. The north was asking help of the Russians as they were suffering from threats from the inner tribes and outer ones of China, Kokand and Kazakhs. Annexation led to the occurrence of administrative systems, agriculture economy.

Soviet Rule (1917-1991). As the period 1917-1191 concerns, it is devoted to the times of the Soviet Union. In 1917 the Bolsheviks came and destroyed the developed culture. But in return the following branches appeared - education, culture, economy, art. At the same time the soviet period brought sufferings, as people didn't have opportunities to believe in God and Atheization, Collectivization and Cultural Revolution were the reasons of murders of innocent.

Independent Kyrgyzstan (since 1991). In 1991 the state started to be independent. Now you make a route in the independent state with flag, anthem and constitution. In 1992 we have become members of the UN, in 1993 took constitution. But in 2005 and 2010 there were revolutions leading to murders and killings. It was impossible to make a tour, but for now you are free for these activities. The state is of a parliamentary and president form of power.