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Kyrgyz Peak Lenin

In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan on car for rent you have a great opportunity to make a visit of the Peak Lenin. Travelling in the Osh region of Kyrgyzstan on rent car you will see that on the borderline with Tajikistan. During the times of the Soviet Union it was prohibited to make tours in mountains of Kyrgyzstan. Only some people were allowed to get permission for tours, foreigners couldn't make tours and travel in Kyrgyzstan. The peak is the main aim of alpinists.

Moreover, it is recommended for you to know the history of the place before you start a tour in Kyrgyzstan as well as renting a car. There have been made a lot of attempts to travel in these mountains. One of the first explorers who made a tour was A.P. Fedchanko. He was travelling along Pamirs in 1871. Thanks to his investigational notes, there was given truthful information about Pamirs and mountains in the whole. The peak is named after one of the heads of the Soviet Union. But first you should know before starting a tour is the fact that the peak was named after Peak Kaufman after the Russian Governor. There have been made special expeditions and one of the first was made in 1929. Then professionals made the other expedition in 1934. They put the monument of Lenin on the top of the peak.

In 1967 the team of people from various countries decided to make a tour and vault the top. There were 301 people from the enormous Soviet Union. This travel gave way to the people of our times to travel along new 16 routes. The peak is considered to be one of the most difficult high altitude sites. Those who were able to vault all 7000 m peaks were given the award of the Snow Leopard.

Unfortunately the peak bears the history of tragic events. The weather in mountains gets colder with every high altitude and due to it there are severe precipitations. In 1974 the team of women was perished by the storm. Then in 1991 the earthquake took 44 climbers with only one who survived.

All you should know is that you must be careful travelling in Kyrgyzstan as well as drive on car for rent as mountains radiate some certain sort of danger. When you make a tour you should take a rest at the base camp Achik Tash and Lukovaya Polyana (Wild Onion Field).