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Kyrgyz Ranges

As Kyrgyzstan is a mountain country there are more than 88 ranges in the country. A lot of alpinists and mountaineers have a desire to vault the highest ranges and peaks of the country. Before you start a tour in Kyrgyzstan car rent we would like to note that despite Tien Shan mountain system there is Pamir-Alai mountain system. The latter one makes a division into regions - North and South. In this case we can travel along the longest ranges like the Kakshaal of 585 km and the Kyrgyz of 454km.

For your acquaintances during tours in Kyrgyzstan cars for rent we would like to note that there are the following ranges which are usually well-known.  The Terskey Ala Too range in the south of lake Issyk Kul and the Kungey Ala Too range in the north of lake Issyk Kul. As we can see the latter range is located at the border with Kazakhstan. You can travel in Kyrgyzstan, enjoy landscapes and listen to facts given by our guides. They can tell you that the Pamir Mountains are created to be Pamir-Alai mountains and they make a division from Tien Shan Mountains by Turkestan and Alai ridges. You can travel in Kyrgyzstan and see that "Ala Too" are seen from any part of the country and are seen to be "colorful" or "bright mountains" in the translation.