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Kyrgyz Son Kul lake

We suggest to rent a car from our company and have best tours here! Son Kul lake is another pearl of Kyrgyzstan after Issyk Kul. It is a high altitude lake at the height of 3000 m above sea level, 29 km long, 18 km wide and 22 m deep. Son Kul is seen as the largest natural lake in Kyrgyzstan located between mountains. In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan you are advised to visit Son Kul as surrounding of it presents us the most beautiful lands, pastures and meadows. Son Kul is different in accordance with the weather: it may be purple and blue, then suddenly yellow and orange. Travelling in Kyrgyzstan in summer it is possible to live in the yurt camp like real nomads. But in winter all paths are closed and snow lies for 130-160 days. The lake of pristine nature is also connected to the legend of emergence at the territory of Kyrgyzstan: it says that a severe khan with his warriors made a harem on the shores of Son Kul and gathered all beautiful girls from the whole Tien Shan. These girls were suffering for so many years that the Tien Shan mountains stood on their side, let the water flood the territory of the khan's state and created the lake that is one of the most beautiful in Kyrgyzstan.

Being in a tour in Kyrgyzstan you will see that there are about 66 kinds of waterfowl. From May to September these species live here. Also, Son Kul in Kyrgyzstan is known for an Indian goose making nests. Actually, being in Kyrgyzstan you will hear that Son Kul is fishless lake but about 100 tons of fish may be caught in a year. According to history of the place, nomads used to live on the shores of the lake and used pastures to breed the cattle. In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan there will be noticed the pearl radiation of the lake. Local dwellers of the lake are very hospitable and kind people and will always help you during your tour in Kyrgyzstan and tell interesting facts about the history of the lake. This place reveals the greatest beauty of Kyrgyzstan in the only site with every details of the lake, pasture to stay in your heart.

Your tour in Kyrgyzstan as well as car rent will be organized on the highest level with our company. We are glad to organize a tour in Kyrgyzstan and car rent especially for you and you will be pleased with our program. Do not forget to arrange everything in advance as when the season of travel starts, all is booked. You may take photos against amazing views of Kyrgyzstan and lakes of the country surrounded by mountains. Welcome to Kyrgyzstan and visit every corner of our amazing country!