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Kyrgyzstan in different seasons

Talking about various opportunities we are glad to represent Kyrgyzstan in different seasons. Mainly it is possible to note the climate of the country to be extra-continental. And for those who have a desire to contact managers for organizing a tour should take into account seasons of the year according to months:  spring - March to May, summer - May to September, autumn - September to December, winter - December to February.

Winter is the period of low temperatures when it becomes rather complicating to travel in the country. Temperatures basically vary + 1 °C (34 °F) to -10 °C and lower. At the same time winter is the period of severe precipitations and closed boarding houses. That is why it may be a little bit difficult to organize a route. Anyway some guests find it as a great time for getting right in the mountains of Karakol.

Spring is the time when nature starts to rebirth from the winter hibernation. Temperatures are going higher, + 16 °C (60 °F). At the same time there are threats of flooding as everything melts. Anyway there are people who have a desire to be the ones in Kyrgyzstan tours for witnessing this interesting time of a year.

Summer is the time when the season of routes over the country gains their popularity. Temperatures are 35 °C (95°F) - 45° C (113° F) and all of the boarding houses are open for giving home for all in a trip. It is high time of exploring the country. For the acquaintance of all future visitors the following sites should be taken in account - lakes and rivers, mountains and lowlands, significant sites.

When autumn comes first temperatures are not going lower. And the beginning of this season is excellent for Kyrgyzstan tours to be taken. Nature starts to be of different colors - red, green and yellow. And it is the time of taking photos against great views. But all need to decide what they will be doing in a route along the country and after that there will be organized the program by our managers.


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