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Lenin summit

Tour can be organized the way to make an investigation of the other famous peak - peak Lenin. As the guests travel in the south of Kyrgyzstan they can find themselves in Osh, and right after there start for the trip to the Peak Lenin. For now days there are no any troubles with getting to many interesting places, including trips to the border with Tajikistan.

Peak Lenin is 7134 m in height. It is one of 7000 m height mountains, which on reaching showed reputation of strong people physically and psychologically. As for historical facts, all will find out during the tour in Kyrgyzstan that peak Lenin was first investigated by the researcher A.P. Fedchanko in 1871. Those who travel here can make sure of the peak having had the other name in the past - Peak Kaufman, the Soviet leader. The name Lenin is also given in honor of the leader, but the other one.

beautiful mountain view of Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgyzstan tours. 

Now it is possible to take cars for rent and travel tours to the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, but in the past it was not that easy. In 1929 there was made a first try of reaching the top, but this try was unsuccessful. Then with time passing the next try was made by prepared people of the Soviet Army, they reached it and put the monument of Lenin. Little later there were made other tries of reaching and in 1967 about 301 people could reach it. Thanks to this vaulting about 16 routes were opened.

Mountains should be reached by those who are prepared at least slightly, as it may end tragically. We offer various routes to our guests, with attending mountains in a group with professionals. It can be dangerous in the mountains due to unknown weather conditions, as higher it becomes so colder it is. At the same time there may be stormy and snowy at any moment of the day. In the past there are known some bad tragic events when people couldn't reach the top but caught by weather conditions, as in 1974 a group of women were lost, then an earthquake caught 44 people.