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When we turn out to be in the other country attention is caught by nature most of all so we are glad to represent geography and biology of mountains of Kyrgyzstan. As we can see the country is located right in the center of the mountains and they usually bear some certain mystery. As people take a tour along the country they meet the idea to travel along the country with extra-continental climate and a good amount of interesting sites. Breath-catching experience can be achieved by taking routes along the mountains.

Now we would like to talk about Tien Shan Mountains which are the largest of Central Asia. In Kyrgyzstan tours guests will see that about 2/3 are located in the very country of ours. And this range is a home of many peaks. Being involved in Kyrgyzstan tours guests can make a visit of Enilchek Glacier as it is one of the most visited sites of the country.