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Peak Lenin

Paying attention to the sites of Kyrgyzstan it is necessary not to miss famous peak Lenin. It is the peak located in the Osh region of the country and at the same time it is right on the border with Tajikistan. As a tour is going on it is necessary to know that the peak is 7134m and it is one of the highest ones.

We are glad to inform our guests that as they travel here just hospitable people will surround them. It is required to be acquainted with the history of this site - in 1871 explorer A.P. Fedchanko was in a journey and was amazed by the beauty of our sites. First the peak was named in honor of the governor - Peak Kaufman.

Expeditions were made and of course we will tell you about it. In 1929 the peak was under the attempt to conquer of the people trying to climb the Zaalaiskii range as well. Then Kyrgyzstan tours were organized in 1934 when the professionals of the Red Army repeated the attempt to vault it. In 1967 there was a massive vaulting of 301 people dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Soviet Union.

Anyway previously was given the information of succeeded mounts but there were failed and tragic ones as well. They tell us how it is important to be careful during any of Kyrgyzstan tours taken. In 1974 the group consisting of women were taken by the storm, then in 1991 an earthquake took about 42 people. So, it is of great recommendation to be careful and turn to our managers for consultations.