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Peaking Lenin

In tours, the next destination may be Lenin Peak, which is located in the southern part of the country, in the Osh region. Any guest on tours in Kyrgyzstan will be able to participate in the trip to explore the paths that are connected by road to the border with Tajikistan. You can find out in the tours that the height of the peak is 7134 m. Guests of the country can explore the peak, rent a car, and also learn the territory of the peak during the trip. But you should know that before you go on tours that the top of the peak cannot be seen, as it can be covered by clouds.

In the tours, you can see that the temperature change high in the mountains and everything depends on the altitude. The first person to explore the mountain was the explorer A. P. Fedchenko, who also discovered it in 1871. And the peak was named as Kaufman in honor of the governor and the Soviet leader in the past. You can find out in the tours that at the moment the peak has the name of the last leader Lenin.

During the tours, you will be able to see many beautiful places, and learn that the first expedition was in 1929, but not all people were able to reach the top of it. After that, the Soviet Red Army was able to conquer Lenin Peak and install a monument of the same name there. In 1967, 301 expeditions were made, which conquered the summit in honor of the anniversary. After the hike, about 16 routes were opened to people.

Those who explore Kyrgyzstan can learn on tours in Kyrgyzstan that mountains can be dangerous, even if you go alone or in a team of professionals in a rented car. You should be safe, explore all the facts and secrets, as the weather in the mountains can be unpredictable. You can find out that in 1974 there were tragic events in the mountains, when a group of women wanted to climb the top but was caught in a storm. And after that, about 44 people were captured by an earthquake in 1991.