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As we see the country, the majority of territory is covered with rivers and guests can organize a tour to them. The rivers are estimated to be 40000 one in the entire Kyrgyzstan. Along with it they are seen from the point of view of travel experience. Long time ago the rivers were used mainly for transportation of products and people. Now they are the main mean of rafting. Rafting is an activity taking breath away and rising adrenaline in blood. We are wishing to introduce main rivers of the state.

First goes Naryn River, the main one and the longest one. It doesn't belong just to our republic, it goes along Central Asia. The Naryn River is 535 km, divided into Big and Little ones. Then it goes to the Toktogul reservoir. One of the problems of the country is in drying up of rivers and lakes, like happened with the Aral Sea.

The Talas River is the next most important in the republic, of 661 km long. The river flows in Kazakhstan, starts in the west and disappears before the Chu. The Chu River flows in the Naryn Region, along the Kyrgyz Range, and then goes to Kazakhstan.

The Sary Jaz may be seen in Kyrgyzstan tours along Khan Tengri Mountain, bordering China. The mountain can be used for trekking just for experienced mountaineers. Then the way goes to the Chatkal, along the long-distanced valley. As the river goes to Uzbekistan, in the past it was possible to make Kyrgyzstan tours along this country, now visa regime is stricter.