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Season times and weather conditions

Throughout the year, Kyrgyzstan is blessed with sunshine and pleasant, if not blistering, temperatures. Everyone should become acquainted with the weather and seasons before scheduling a tour or renting a car. Height has an effect on temperature. The city is encircled by mountains and has no access to the sea or ocean.

Lowland summer, which begins in the middle of May, is one of the warmest seasons of the year. In late September, the rains finally arrive. Kyrgyzstan's car rental industry is at its peak during the summer months. Visitors visiting Kyrgyzstan should be warned that the highlands may be very chilly. Summer temperatures range from +28 to +30 degrees on average.

Autumn is found between the end of September until the beginning of November. These days, the air is chilly and predictable, especially for this time of year. After months of bad weather, it's finally here! It becomes colder at the top of the slope. The temperature ranges from +25°C to +9°C (78°F), with the lowest temperature being -2°C (28°F). Throughout the year, the weather varies.

Kyrgyz beautiful view, Kyrgyzstan tours. 

Winter is the coldest season in the highlands. At this time of year, it snows a lot in Kyrgyzstan, resulting in a lot of precipitation. At this time of year, visitors visiting Kyrgyzstan's highlands are more likely to rent a car. Temperatures range from +4 to -7 degrees Celsius (20 degrees Fahrenheit), with the lowest being -15 degrees. We encourage visitors to join a tour or rent a car to move around.