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Self-drive rules

Our team can admit the fact that Kyrgyzstan is a country of great opportunities and for those who have a desire to start a tour on their own need to know self-drive rules. We are glad to inform you about all of the rules:

  • Those who are fond of taking routes without guides need to organize reservation of any car prematurely. The reason is seen in the absence of cars when you decide to travel in the very season. Such a season starts in June, 20 and lasts till September, 20.
  • Those who order cars for rent need to know that drivers must be less than 64 and more than 18. In the other case there will be difficulties with the police as it is prohibition of rules.
  • Founding Kyrgyzstan tours means you need to make a payment in any currency - dollars, soms, euro. But note, such a payment may be done for cars. In the country you can pay with soms, national currency.
  • As you take a car for rent you should understand that there is a necessity to pay for car insurance. It is seen in the form of the deposit. The deposit is 400$ and it will cover the expenses on the repair of the car. But, the following can't be covered by the insurance: windows, tires, roof, and bottom.
  • Visitants need to follow limits - mileage and territorial. Mileage means you have an opportunity to cover just 300km in a day and territorial means you have an opportunity to make a way in our country, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. If you don't follow mileage limit, you need to pay at a rate of 0.3 $ for every extra km, and territorial means it is necessary to pay 50$ for the insurance in the other country.
  • People who live in the country must know traffic rules of the country. Main ones tell that it is necessary to drive at a speed of 40 to 60 km/h in the city and 90 km/h in the villages. At the same time it is important to turn on headlights making way between the villages. And of course your blood should not contain alcohol.
  • Those who happen to get in the car accident should know it is important to contact our company, the police, to gather witnesses and find out all the addresses and numbers of phones of all of the representatives. And of course after you have finished Kyrgyzstan tours it is necessary return the car in the same condition with the same amount of fuel.
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