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Sights and highlights: Issyk Kul lake

It's time to see Lake Issyk Kul, which is the jewel of Kyrgyzstan, hidden in the center of the mountains. You can see bewildering and excellent views of the "warm lake" on the Kyrgyzstan tour and rent a car. It's a sharp one that never freezes. Maybe for those reasons or stories. There was a settlement on previous times, the ancient city that anguished the seismic tremor. The young ladies were out of the city at this time, until they returned and saw the disaster areas weeping desperately and filling the void.

Our organization is ready to set up a lake tour, the water level of which dropped from 1856 to 2002 to around 8.5 meters. Individuals going on tours in Kyrgyzstan will see the lake lining the Kungey Alatau Range to the north and the Terskey Alatau Range to the south. There is a pool brimming with trout. Strolling on the sea shore and purchasing the stripped osman, the chebak, and the carp, is imaginable. In Kyrgyzstan, adventurers can use car rentals and enjoy the cleanness of the water and the air on tours.