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Traditional drinks of Kyrgyz people

The ancient nomadic Kyrgyz people, from time immemorial, sacredly honored their traditions and preserved them to this day. Perhaps there is no Kyrgyz who does not know their roots, the history of their family, traditions that were passed from mouth to mouth. This also applies to the national cuisine, where great importance has always been paid to meat dishes, as well as traditional drinks. Recipes that grandmothers passed on to their daughters, and those to their children. So to this day, recipes for miracle drinks have been preserved. Of course, today drinks in their traditional preparation are prepared most often, residents of villages or those Kyrgyz families who have not yet forgotten all the subtleties of their preparation. However, it is still possible to taste national drinks, during tours on the streets of Bishkek and in shops they sell shoro, maksym, chalap and kymyz  on tap or in bottles. With the usage of car rent you will have the opportunity to stop at any place.

Kymyz is a national drink of Kyrgyzstan. It is sour-sweet, slightly intoxicating and instantly invigorating, with a taste of both kvass and kefir, and even a little wine, a real koumiss is not liked by everyone from the first time. To appreciate this ancient drink of nomads, who knew a lot about horses and the sweltering heat, you need to try koumiss several times, necessarily in the hot summer and certainly in the steppes or mountains of Central Asia, where the milk of mares is the strength and freedom of natural expanses, and the hands of the master know their business from infancy from their great-grandfathers.

Maksym and Jarma
Maksym is  Kyrgyz national soft drink, which has other names (achyma, achygan kojo, and others), was previously made mainly from barley, as well as from corn, wheat, and millet, depending on where the cereals were cultivated. There are many varieties of cooking technology, which is why maksym, made by ten housewives in the same village, differed in ten different flavors

This is a kefir-like fermented milk drink with natural gases, which contains a beneficial bacterium that improves digestion. You may see the process while having tours in Kyrgyzstan. You can also take a car rent.

Ak serke
Ak-serke-a drink served after cooking meat, as it is prepared from meat broth. It is good to drink when person is hunger, but does not want to eat.

Bozo is a low-alcohol, thick and sweet fermented drink of Kyrgyzstan. It is prepared by fermentation from wheat, corn or millet. While being in tours, if you have a car rent we can stop at any place and you can try it .