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Travels and trips in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan Tours: 1911 Travel
Actions: Walking tour
Destination: Kyrgyzstan
Duration: 11 days
On day 1. After buying the "Manas" airport will be donated to the city of Bishkek. So you'll have dinner after their stay at the hotel. Lunch and suddenly at the hotel.
On day 2. In the morning transfer to gorge Big Almaty. Trekking in the Valley. Lunch and suddenly in tents.
On day 3. We - trekking in the hills of the Lake. At noon you dine. Lunch and suddenly in tents.
On day 4. Trekking in Kolalmaty throat. Lunch and suddenly in tents.
Day 5. We ????-trekking in the valley have. At noon you dine. Lunch and suddenly in tents.
Day 6. This is a free day. Go to Lake Yasyl-Col. Lunch and suddenly in tents.
On day 7. Increasing the Ak-Suu Kyi in the West. Trekking in Passage Ak-Su. Lunch and suddenly in tents.
On day 8. Increasing the Aksu-???? Valley. At noon you dine. Lunch and suddenly in tents.
Day 9. We - ???? trip-Aksu valley. Switch to grow quickly Canyon. Lunch and suddenly in tents.
10 days. In the morning we ride to Kanorchek canyons and transmission in Bishkek. At noon you dine. Lunch and suddenly at the hotel.
11 days. Depending on the time of your original data will meet your guide at the hotel and will visit you at the airport.

Ken-Kola cemetery is located in the Talas River Kenkol. Refers to 2-4 cc. BC. Oe. It consists of 60 mounds - the underground vaulted chambers, in which the nomadic tribes of ancient burials were carried out in underground vaulted chambers. When excavations were found utensils, arrows, bronze and pottery, clothing.
Kurmenty cave complex is located on the shore of Lake Issyk-Kul. Presumably, this complex is the ruins of a medieval Armenian monastery, referred to in the Catalan map of the world of the 14th century as a monastery, "fellow Armenians." In the monastery, perhaps, were or are the relics of St. Matthew the Apostle. The complex is a narrow gap, gradually expanding, with withdrawing it from all sides in small rooms, resembling monastic cells. As far as can now be judged, these cells of about thirty. Archaeologists suggest the existence of lower tiers, which are now covered with earth. >> More