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Trekking tour

Day 1. After reaching the airport "Manas" in Kyrgyzstan will be transferred to the city of Bishkek the capital of Kyrgyzstan. Then you will have dinner after their stay at the hotel. A dinner and overnight of tour at the hotel.
Day 2. A ship Shamsi Valley in Kyrgyzstan. At noon there will be a dinner. Lifting tour and travel Tujuk Valley. A dinner and overnight of tour is in tents.
Day 3. In the morning you will have breakfast. At noon there will be a dinner. A trekking tour and travel Tujuk pass (3700 m). A dinner and overnight is in tents.
Day 4. We have tour to Tujuk Pass. Trekking tour to move and travel not named in the Lake Kel-rocky-top. At noon there will be a dinner. A dinner and overnight is in tents.
Day 5. We - a trekking tour in Polosaty Pass. At noon there will be a dinner. A dinner and overnight is in tents.
Day 6. A trekking tour in Kegety nozzle. A dinner and overnight is in tents.
Day 7. We - a trekking tour along Kegety nozzle. A dinner and overnight of tour is in tents.
Day 8. In the morning you have to tighten one morning. Pass in Bishkek. A dinner and overnight of tour at the hotel.
Day 9. Depending on time of your original data will meet your tour guide at the hotel and will visit you at the airport.

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Trekking tour Kyrgyzstan: Trek 28

 The territory of Kyrgyzstan is stretched from the West on the east on 900 km., from the north on the south on 410 km. All Kyrgyzstan concerns the western territory of the Tjan-Shansky range, and only the country south enters in Pamiro-Alajskuju a mountain chain. On the western border of republic the ancient Fergana valley, prenadlezhashchaja to Uzbekistan has settled down, northern border is made by two powerful young mountain ridges - the Kirghiz and Zailijsky Ala Tau, the eastern frontier is outlined by ridge Kakshaal-Too behind which the largest desert of China - Takla Makan is stretched, in the south Kyrgyzstan divides natural riches of Trans Alai with Tajikistan.
Uniqueness of the nature of Kyrgyzstan is caused by an inland arrangement of the country, remoteness from the seas and oceans, raschlenennostju a relief and high position above sea level. These and many other things the reasons have predetermined variety of natural complexes. The difficult structure of a relief and unique ecological conditions promoted the big variety of an animal and flora. In territory of Kyrgyzstan there are both hot desert, and coniferous both deciduous woods, and steppes, and bogs, and even places where in the winter air temperature falls to a minus of 40 degrees.