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The October Revolution - in 1917 changed the political situation in Turkestan, and in 1924 Uzbekistan became one of the republics of the USSR. Uzbekistan declared independence from Russia, September 1, 1991, and this day was proclaimed as the Day of Independence.
The independence of Uzbekistan. Upon receipt of the state, Uzbekistan began to develop his own way of becoming renewed, developing, sovereign democratic state. Uzbekistan - the multinational state: more than 120 nations and national minorities living here.
Things to do
The ancient and charming Uzbekistan ...
You go on an extraordinary journey in the wonderful country - a country of myths and legends.
Since ancient times Uzbekistan was considered a bridge between the countries and nations, a crossroads of ancient caravan routes, the meeting place of languages, cultures and civilizations. It is here that the Great Silk Road that connected China, India, Central Asia, Iran, Iraq, Middle East and the Mediterranean Sea. Caravans of camels to transport silk and porcelain, spices and precious stones, carpets and medicines.
To visit this country, means to feel the breath of history. The ups and downs of civilizations, empires, wars, migrations, brilliance of thought, the wonders of architecture - all seen the Uzbek land.



      Priority constitutional principle of the organisation of the government in republic is the principle of the state sovereignty. The power sovereignty means, on the one hand, its leadership and independence in the country, and with another - leadership, independence and independence of this power in foreign policy sphere, in mutual relations with other states.

      Red thread through all Constitution there passes firmness of democracy. Democracy is an actual and legal accessory of all power to the people. "On behalf of the people of Uzbekistan (items 10) can act only selected it Oly Mazhlis and Republics Prezideng".

      For the first time the constitutional practice of Uzbekistan for each citizen of republic admit natural and inalienable laws. In it such rights which were not proclaimed in former constitutions are proclaimed also. For example, the right to a life, physical and moral inviolability of the person; the right of the person to a private life; the right to freedom of opinions and belief; the right to the information; an innocence presumption; the right to judicial protection; the right of free departure from the country and returning in it; the right to healthy environment, etc.



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