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Following the artistic traditions mngovekovym Uzbek masters of the new generation are making their invaluable contribution to the preservation of this unique form of folk art as a wood carving.
Ganch is one of the most unique and ancient arts and crafts of Uzbekistan. The art of carving on ganch Central Asia, particularly Uzbekistan, are the artistic style and technical performance of the specifics of the unique school. At the beginning of the XX century. VV Stasov Noting the uniqueness of art carving ganch wrote: "This is - the very purest Central Asia, which have nothing to compare to others of the most famous in the world on the part of the drawing and art forms." Property ganch rapid seizure, his thick finely porous structure , strength, pure white define the technical and artistic quality. Ganj, being in itself a very pliable material that is highly plastic expressiveness.

In the art of carving ornamental structure ganch dominated vegetable and geometric motifs.
In the 1990s, the ganch remains one of the leading types of folk applied art of Uzbekistan. Moreover, its role in the design of architectural structures increases. The main centers are cutting ganch Khiva, Bukhara, Tashkent, Samarkand, Andijan, Namangan, Kokand.



      The big attention is given to improvement of conditions of a life of agricultural population. According to the Cabinet Decision "About the program of a social infrastructure of village of Republic Uzbekistan till 2000" in a countryside medical points, comprehensive schools, apartment houses, objects of trade, consumer services, a public catering establishment are under construction, water and gas networks are laid.

2. Structural changes in economy. Formation of a market infrastructure

      With disintegration of the USSR economic relations of republics and areas have interrupted, industrial production was reduced. Has ripened a question on reconstruction of some industries, construction of the modern enterprises answering to market relations and capable to compete in the world market, about stimulation of perspective industries.

      Stability of a social and economic, political life the countries reached in the first years of independence, have opened ample opportunities for the foreign capital. In this respect the acts accepted Oly of Republic Mazhlisom in 1998 had great value: "About foreign investments", "Legal guarantees of foreign investors and about measures of their protection". Trade and economic dogovory, signed with 35 countries, tens large banks of the world promoted expansion of trade relations of Uzbekistan with the developed countries and to an effective utilisation of foreign investments.

      Use of foreign investments has allowed to make serious structural changes to Republic economy.

      Every year the volume of mastered foreign investments grows. If in 1991-1998 in priority branches of economy of Republic it is enclosed over 8 billion American dollars only in 1999 it is mastered foreign investments for the sum over 1.324 million US dollars. On a share of foreign investments it is necessary an order of 24 % of all capital investments.



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