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      The special place occupies the foreign capital in the oil and gas industry. In 1994 in the given branch it has made 10 million American dollars, and in 1998 - 1 billion 300 million dollars. Thanks to it, the oil recovery has increased from 2,8 million tons in 1990 - to 8,1 million tons in 1998. Extraction of natural gas for this time has increased according to 40,8 billion cubic m to 54,3 mlrd a m. cube Thereby the important problem is successfully carried out - to provide with natural gas all population of the country-put by the President. If on the eve of independence security of urban population natural gas of Uzbekistan made 47 %, and agricultural population - 17 %, this indicator in 1997?. Has made accordingly 64 and 68 %.

      The financial crisis of the 1998 which have passed in many developed countries of the world, should be reflected in financial and industrial position of Uzbekistan, but it has not suspended progress forward its economy. In the country there is a macroeconomic stability. It is especially appreciable in comparison with financial and economic position of the CIS countries, level of economic development in the majority of them is made less than 50 % in comparison with 1990 by the Firm financially-credit policy did not allow to grow to a rate of inflation. Successes in carrying out of economic reforms have been reached, despite appreciable falling of the prices in the world market on gold, a clap, copper and other export goods. Privatisation process proceeds. In 1999 the share negosudarstvennogo in total internal production has made 64,5 %, in the industry - 64 %, in agriculture - 98,7 %. 74,2 % of the population are occupied on razgosudarstvlennyh the enterprises. Growth vnugrennej gross output, in 1999? is observed. Its growth has made 4,4 %. Structural transformations become the Determinative of economic growth. The basic gain of an industrial output was provided with again entered objects. On development of new industrial branches it is directed over 56 % of total amount of investments.