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In the traditional architecture and way of life of the peoples of Uzbekistan has long, carved wood enjoyed huge popularity in the architecture of it was used as an important architectural details and designs such as columns, cornices, doors, ceilings, lattice. The use of carved wood in the home, or as it is called consumer thread, incorporates an extensive range of items from furniture to small household items. Tables, stools, chests, cupboards, boxes, large wooden beds, cradles were decorated with carvings. Were decorated with carved folding stand for books, pencil cases, book covers, ink-jet devices, chess, combs, musical instruments, stamps for drawing designs on fabric, as well as carts (carts peculiar to the two high wheels), saddles for riding, sedan chairs.
The conquest of Turkestan, the Russian empire, and as a consequence of the increased flow of Russian settlers in the region was the reason that the changes affected the scope of carved wood. Masters, adapted to the tastes of the urban population with an interest in exotic items. This greatly expanded the range of products adorned with carvings. The fine thread was covered and non-traditional products - kits, fancy birdcages, boxes, cases, cigarette cases and other things.
Especially popular are multi-faceted use of high tables with characteristic features of the "eastern style", which are valued for the fine arabesque carvings and were destined for the European interior. In the early twentieth century. they are in demand far beyond Turkestan, up to America.
Innovation has been the production of European-style furniture (cupboards, dressers, desks, dressing tables, etc.), abundantly decorated with traditional ornamental patterns.



      Main principles of construction of the democratic society based on market relations, developed by President I.Ka-rimovym, approved by the largest experts and statesmen of the world, for short time have confirmed the viability.

      Their essence consists in the following:

      • full deideologizatsija economy, the economy should have a priority over a policy;

      • the state should be the main reformer in a difficult transition period;

      • all process of updating and progress should be under construction on a legal basis;

      • social orientirovannost economic policy;

      • formation of economic market relations should be carried out gradually, stage by stage.

      On the basis of the given principles strategy of economic reforms has been developed. Its major problems is definition of an ultimate goal of social and economic transformations, transition from the centralised economy based on is administrative-mandative system, to market relations, from one qualitative condition of a society to another.

      At the first stage of transition to modern market relations it was necessary to solve two interconnected problems: to finish heavy consequences of is administrative-bureaucratic system and to generate bases of market relations.





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