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National Airline "Uzbekistan Airways" has a strong position in the international air transportation market by providing high quality, competitive product. Over the years, she has repeatedly received prestigious awards: diploma International Flight Safety Foundation, the prize "Euromarket - 2000" for the business activities of the International Association Awards airports.
The airline operates scheduled flights to more than 40 cities in the world, covering America, Europe, Middle East, Southeast and Central Asia, the CIS. The harmonious combination of experience and tradition with modern management philosophy, taking into account international practice, introduction of advanced information technology services to the NAC put some of the most successful and fastest growing airlines in the world. In the NAC, "Uzbekistan Airways" has about 14 thousand employees.
Continues to upgrade its fleet of the national air carrier. In 2010 purchased six aircraft "A-320-200" company, "Airbus Industrie".
1.2 Railway Transport
Uzbekistan is a bridge between East and West, so the construction of new transport links (particularly rail) in the country is very timely.


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9 - The building of the railway station "Tashkent" was built in 1899. Then again, improvements, and in 1957 a new building was built. During the Second World War, this is the station to meet hundreds of thousands of refugees in Eastern Europe. In 1984, the station open in the metro station of the same name "Tashkent".

Today Nord station "Tashkent" - is a major transportation hub, especially for passengers involved in regional and international destinations. Direct train Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva and other cities. The commuter trains Flights to Tashkent another station "South", which is closer to the airport.
Tashkent Metro - a modern attraction
Today Tashkent - the modern capital of Uzbekistan, which boasts almost ancient architectural sites that are Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva. But here, not only the most densely populated city in the Republic and throughout Central Asia, has its attractions. One of these land Tashkent.
Construction began when the city was rebuilt after the devastating 1966 earthquake again. Yes, and the growing population of the capital of the quick and convenient transportation needs. And in 1977, in honor of the 60th Anniversary of the Soviet Union opened its first metro which connects the populous district of Tashkent Chilonzor in the city center.
The work continued, and after a few years, the length of the line increases, after discovering there were more stations, and commissioned a second line, whose construction was completed in 1991. And in 2001 opened a third subway line, which is soon to be the center of the capital of another densely populated area in Tashkent - Yunus-Abad. Today Tashkent operates 29 station.