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Since 1993, Uzbekistan is a member of the World Tourism Organization since 1997 - member of the Executive Committee.
The development of transport links between the states for centuries been one of the principal means of association of peoples, economic development and mutual enrichment of cultures and, ultimately, had a great influence on the peaceful and harmonious development of mankind in its movement forward.
The territory of Uzbekistan has been at the heart of the Silk Road, and this was due to the fact that it is through this route were the shortest transport corridors from Europe to Asia. Occupying a central position in the region, Uzbekistan objective is to play the role of a geopolitical bridge between West and East.
Using the geographical location of Uzbekistan at the crossroads between East and West, as well as north and south of the Eurasian continent, opens the door to many countries of the Eurasian continent to carry out a continuous and safe overland transport.
Uzbekistan annually visited by more than 1 million foreign tourists. However, 60% of travelers coming from EU countries, 25% of the tourists have on the countries of Asia and America, and the proportion of visitors from Russia and other CIS countries is 15%.


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9 - Tashkent
Tashkent is one of the oldest cities in Central Asia. Chacha, Shash-Binkent-Tashkent. All of these names in the history of the city. Tashkent city was founded more than 2000 years ago. The city has been removed helped connect the junction of the Great Silk Road, economic and cultural relations with other countries. The monuments of the past was reflected in the art and culture of the buildings from different eras.
The city's history dates back to 2000, prescription years. The ruins on the hill Minguryuk and other feudal castles, two huge fortified walls and towers show a significant age. The Uzbek word "Tashkent" means "stone village". In fact, the city grew on the site of the village of the same title, which is at the crossroads of the mountain roads, and therefore played an important role in commerce between East and West. Tashkent is a huge fortress that the raids of nomadic tribes.
Chachi and Shashi Dzhach - The earliest Chinese sources mentioned in Tashkent Shi Yuen Chzhemi and the early Middle Ages. These names can be easily converted Ottoman times was "Tash" (stone), but according to experts, the "shi", "stone".
Within a few years of independence, the Uzbek capital has changed dramatically. Many fountains squares, streets and parks. In particular, the central part of the city was decorated. Building maintenance of national identity, the modern and respectable.
Tashkent is the capital of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the largest city in Central Asia, with a population of over 2.5 million people. Archaeological excavations have revealed the fact that the modern Tashkent, the site of the ancient city that passed, economic and cultural center of the East, which was located in the northern part of the Great Silk Road.
In the Middle Ages it was the center of Tashkent oasis agriculture, the city has a good craftsman. These old buildings such as Kukaldash Barak Khan Madrassah, Mosque and Mausoleum of Kaffa Zhome Shash can be decorated with the face of the city.
Historically a traditional division of the city into two parts - the old and the new city. The ancient city of trade and commerce center of life and a new city - industrial center, which was established in place of the gardens, fields and huts.