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 From the very beginning to spend weighed national poligiku, not striking the right and interests of numerous ethnic minority in republic.

      It is necessary to underline, that in the given situation special responsibility for creation of the international consent in the country laid down on Uzbeks as representatives of the basic, title nation of republic, and it with honour left this next historical test. In a transition period in Uzbekistan there were no serious displays of international pressure, that once again confirms presence at the Uzbek people of such historically developed quality, as friendliness and the valid relation to representatives of all nationalities living together with them.

      The international consent has exclusive value also in system of national safety. In this occasion the President of republic marks: "Interethnic and international relations in the multinational state represent one of effective factors on which basis the concept of national safety" is formed.

      International relations in modern Uzbekistan are under construction on the basis of a national policy of the state in whom historically developed multinationality of the country is considered as the favorable factor of its social and economic development, a source of spiritually-intellectual enrichment of all nations and the nationalities living in republic, a favorable condition d; and integration of republic into the world community.

      Basic principles of a national policy of independent Uzbekistan are: equality of all citizens of republic irrespective of a national, racial accessory, religious conviction and creed;