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      At meetings of the Interstate Council of the Central Asian Economic Community (established April 30, 1994 in Cholpon-Ata), held on 20-21 April 2000 Tashkent on 14-15 June 2000 in Dushanbe, the heads of the neighboring republics supported the initiative I.Kari mov-establishing an international center to combat international terrorism and signed an agreement on joint action in combating terrorism, political and religious extremism and other threats to regional security.
      Thus, the relations between the countries of the Central Asian region received their high quality new development. Each of these countries is polnopravnm member of the international community, sovereign state, with an independent internal and external poligikoy, individual pugem transition to a market economy and building a democratic state. Countries in the region committed themselves to refrain from actions that might impair their independence.
      Agreement in principle independent sovereign states of the Central Asian region and their strict adherence to contribute to the strengthening of friendship between their peoples and the consolidation of actions for the development of the state and the transition to market relations.

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 9 - Materials based on Department of Archaeology, led by Khorezm Archaeological and Ethnographic Expedition, the famous Orientalist SP Tolstov based. In ancient times the territory of Khorezm (Mr. VI cent. Or) Vysokotsivilizovannye state.The museum existed archaeological finds of ancient settlements Koykrylgan-Kala (III century BC. BC. Huh.) And Toprak-Kala. In the temple premises, the statue of the "Goddess Khorezm was found in a boat, a copy of which can be seen in the museum. Interestingly, fragments of monumental sculpture and wall paintings found in the palace of Toprak-Kala.
The culture of the Middle Ages to say archaeological materials, models, architectural structures, fragments of ceramic coating, discovered during restoration, the Yichang-Kale as DISA stool.
Other museums monuments of Khiva set of medieval architecture - a former palaces, mosques and madrasas.
The Museum of Applied Arts and the Life of the Khorezm madrassas Kazi, and win a job XVIII-XIX. and some samples of the twentieth century. Khiva people encounter in their products, the artisans who created beautiful designs in jewelery, mat-weaving, pottery, wood carving and stone, and copper coins. A collection of women's jewelry attracts a number of techniques characteristic of Khorezm. Here, head, shoulders, forehead, temple, ear, nose, throat, chest, waist, wrist ornaments, which feature - a harmonious relationship with the clothes, the multi-format, lots of waving supporters.
Local services for a variety of art-metallers. Decorative elongated slender ship (choydishi), bowls, covered jars I wash dishes, pencil cases, etc., sometimes referred to as a caption, often poetic expression. A model of the ship in the display.
The Museum of Applied Arts, all the various forms of Khorezm ceramics found. In the middle of the nineteenth century. suffered a new property. The exhibition works by renowned artists - Allakora toupee, toupee Yusupkulola, Iskander-Kalanta Rova and other product characteristics originality and artistic shapes and colors, usually green in color. The motifs painted ceramic masterpiece using a certain theme Khorezm pictures - pots, knives, musical instruments, weapons, etc.

Khorezm famous carved wood. The museum is working artisans in Uzbekistan, ata Palvanova woodcarver whose work has been in the international exhibitions.
Craft Museum is located in the building madrasas Matpana Bai-out. It presents exhibits reflecting life and the tools of artisans Khorezm.