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Thus, the present-day Uzbekistan has a huge transport potential and unique capabilities to ensure the country's move as cargo and passengers in all directions by all possible means of transportation through the use of available transit resources.
1.1 Air transport
The tourist industry of Uzbekistan is closely related, if not, that just depends on the status and development of air travel both on international flights as well on domestic airlines. Practically the only method of delivery of foreign tourists to our country, not counting the small numbers of tourists from neighboring countries in the cross-cutting rounds, is air transport. Distance tourist centers of Uzbekistan in some areas, such as, for example, Urgench and Nukus, does not give the local tour operators to choose alternative means of transport during the formation of tour packages. Many Uzbek tourists, amateur beach holiday to travel to foreign beach resorts tend to use the services of airlines.
NAC "Uzbekistan Airways" - the state airline of Uzbekistan, providing the needs of the economy and population in the aviation services (freight, passenger, special aviation works).
The airline was founded January 28, 1992. Since then, the state program was launched development of civil aviation of the Republic, which called for the modernization of the fleet, the construction of new airport complex, a radical reconstruction of the air traffic control systems, upgrading airports modern ground equipment, to create its own database training of highly qualified personnel, improvement of management systems. Thanks to the reforms, the aviation transport industry has become one of the leaders in Uzbekistan's economy, contributing to the development of international, economic, diplomatic and cultural ties with countries outside world.


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 7 - engraving. Modern Masters who work in brass and copper to produce quality products in the engraving. An inherent elegance and richness patterns of goods foreman Bukhara. In addition to the traditional products, is currently looking for a foreman in new shapes and styles.

Woodcut. Masters of the woodcut in Kokand National Heritage Center uses oak and walnut trees. That the products are widely used in traditional oriental (boxes, bookshelves, tables, and longing), makes a rich tradition of geometric decoration.

Gold embroidery. This boat is a traditional center of Bukhara. The modern art of embroidery is popular with the younger generation as well. The foreman goods in the best traditions of Bukhara gold embroidery.

Embroidery. Suzana traditional centers of production are: Nurata, Bukhara, Samarkand, Shakhrisabz, Tashkent and Fergana. Many young artists are interested in this kind of art. This is no accident - as if creative energy, the people, awakened by the feeling of opportunity to practice and substantial impact is due to the growth of a wide variety of traditional art.

Dolls. Doll-making is a lost art and revived. Recently, the puppet theater performances of your favorite entertainment in the villages and the town was drewllers. The Puppet Master before testing Bukhara Bukhara costumes, the traditional art of tailoring, embroidery Bukhara and Karakul fur.