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Weekend tours

Weekend tour, Weekend_tours. 


There is a wonderful horseback riding program in Chon Kemin. It takes two hours to get there. Horses used to be very important animals in Kyrgyz life. They used to say that horses are the man's wings because it is impossible to imagine a nomad without a horse. Now you also have a chance to ride it from Chon Kemin village to the bottom of Tien Shan Mountains. Read the tour...
Issyk Ata is a well-known gorge that has hot springs. It takes just two hours to get there. It is a gorgeous gorge and you can have a light track to a mountain waterfall. There is a small pass that brings you to it. Then you can have a picnic nearby. Also as an option you can go to an open swimming pool with mineral hot springs. You will swim there and enjoy the view of mountains around! Read the tour...
Bishkek is the capital of the Kyrgyz Republic and history of this city started in 1825 when it looked like as a flat steppe without a single tree - nowadays it is one of the greenest cities in the whole Central Asia. Kyrgyz people have been fighting for this territory for many years and they managed to save it for their next generations. The full history will be told by your guide and you will see the most famous places of our beautiful city! Read the tour...
If you want to see a piece of ancient history you should visit the Burana Tower referring to the 11 century. There was a prosperous town on the Silk Road - Balasagun. Many traders form China and even from Rome were passing by that place to sell their merchandise and spend a night. In the center of the town was a tower 45 meters high but because of the earthquake in 15 century the upper part fell down. Nowadays it is only 24 meters high. This tower used as a sign for travelers and traders, as a watching tower and as a place to call local people to pray. After the earthquake in the 15 century people were scared to stay in the city. What they thought was that God did not want them to live there. That is way there ran away in a hurry and did not have the majority of their things. Our archeologists started excavation in the beginning of 20th century and found many artifacts there. When you visit the museum you will able to see some of them there. The other part of artifacts was taken to Moscow Museum in Soviet time. The houses in the city were built of clay and they melt because of time. Now it is possible to see only the tower and a hill nearby that is supposed to be khan's palace. Read the tour... 

Ala Archa gorge
Ala Archa gorge is one of the picturesque places of Chuy valley. This gorge is located 45 km from Bishkek city, and during one hour drive you will rise from 750 to 2100 meters above sea level. The Ala arch gorge is Natural park of Kyrgyzstan and its name stands for Bright Juniper. These trees grow everywhere there and there are five species of them. For Kyrgyz juniper used to be a sacred tree that they have used almost in all their traditional ceremonies. When a child is born it got a cradle made of juniper this day is called "Beshik Toy" or "Cradle Celebration" , when he is ill adults burn it nearby saying special prayings, when the child is adult already and wants to marry - again a woman with burning juniper will go inside his new yurt to protect it from bad spirits. And when the man passes away his grave will be also made of this sacred tree. Read the tour...